We think you'll really discover who we are by joining us on a Sunday morning at 10 a.m. When you do, here are some things to expect . . .

Casual Dress

We are pretty laid back and operate under a "come as you are" policy.


Enjoy a free cup of quality coffee and a breakfast snack.

Kid's Ministry

If you have kids, you will find a variety of opportunities for them. Click here to see what we offer weekly.

Music & Singing

Each week, we take time to connect with God through song. We have a band that leads songs that are musically relevant, with lyrics that are God-focused. The words are always projected on a screen and the melodies are usually very easy to learn so that everyone can participate.

Financial Giving

This is a time in our service where our church family says "thank you" to God for giving us so much. If you are visiting, you are our guest. Please feel no obligation to give. 


This is a time where we communicate information about upcoming events and activities that are going on around here.


These are typically thirty-minute-long teachings that offer practical, understandable, biblical instruction for living in the world today. Click here to listen to an example of one of these messages.


We make time each week, at the end of our service, to pray for people. If you have a need and would like prayer, look for people on our trained Ministry Team. They are located at the front and are there to seek God with you.

What's Up?

Click here to see what's happening this month

The Cafe

When you join us on Sunday come early and stop in our Cafe before the service. We usually have things ready 30 minutes before. 

We have hot coffee & tea along with assorted goodies like muffins, pastries, & bagels. It's all free and a great way to get to know us better and let us get to know you.