We believe "serving our world" is going out beyond the walls of our church into the communities around us with acts of kindness. So we meet together at our facility, pray and go out in teams to express God's love in practical ways.

kindness outreach

Events like giving out Junior Mints, Life Savers, bottles of water, $1 car washes (we wash the car and give the driver $1) are all ways we team together to serve our world. What is involved if you join a Kindness Outreach? You would go out with 1 or 2 other people and give away, say, a bottle of water and tell the person "we just wanted to show you God's love in a practical way". We also hand the person a kindness card that gives some information about our church. That's it! Overwhelmingly, people are genuinely touched by these acts of kindness and appreciate the gesture. Our hope in reaching out with kindness is that God's love will brighten the person's day and speak to their heart about Jesus.

Free Fall Fair

The Free Fall Fair is an annual event on the grounds of our church facility. The FFF is a way for our church to express to people God's love in a practical way. We have carnival games, moon bounces, petting zoo, food, prizes and giveaways and it is all absolutely FREE! We tell people to "leave your money home". Upwards to 600 people have attended our FFF and over 150 from our church serve in the event.